CEDIA 2019 New JVC LX-NZ3 projector

Chris from JVC explains the features of the new LX-NZ3 projector.

AVS demo night in northern California

JVC and AVS demo night in a custom home theater featuring a JVC RS4500  projector, Panamorph lens, and  Lumagen processor.

Panamorph 4K UltraWide Cinema

Home Theater Basics – Exceeding the 3K Movie Limit of 4K Displays

CES 2019 - Presenting the JVC RS3000

Chris Deutsch from JVC presenting the RS3000

CES 2019 - JVC RS3000 discussion

Craig and Chris discussing the JVC RS3000

CEDIA 2018 - JVC

New JVC native 4K projectors 

DLA-RS1000, DLA-RS2000, DLA-RS3000

CEDIA 2018 - Epson

Epson LS100 short throw projector

CEDIA 2018 - Epson

Epson 4050 projector

CEDIA 2018 - Denon

Denon AVR-X6500H receiver

CEDIA 2018 - Yamaha

Yamaha  RX-A1080, RX-A2080, RX-A3080 receivers

CEDIA 2018 - Marantz

Marantz receivers

CEDIA 2018 - Sony

Sony 4K projectors and CLED

Cedia 2018 - Screen acoustics

Acoustically transparent projection screens

CEDIA 2018 - Martin Logan

 Martin Logan Dynamo Subwoofers